Serendipity Beanie


  • Small (medium/large) to fit head circumference 
  • 53- 55 (55-57, 57-59) cm


Yarn: 100 gm 8ply Wool (200m) 

Slouchy beanie may need additional yarn.


  • 3.25 mm – 40 cm circular needles
  • 4 mm  – 40 cm circular needles and double pointed needles


  • 4 markers


22 st to 10 cm  On 4 mm needles in the round.

Using stocking stitch 


  • Rnd, rnds – round/s
  • PM – place marker
  • SM – slip marker
  • Ktb -knit through back of stitch
  • St – stitch
  • Kk – knit
  • Pp – purl
  • Yo – yarn over
  • K2tog – knit two stitches together
  • Sl – slip
  • Slst – slip stitch
  • Ssk -Slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a time. Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together.


With 3.25mm needles

Cast on 104 (112, 120) sts.  Join in the round, PM for beginning of round


Work in (ktb, p) rib until brim measures 6 cm

Change to 4mm needles


Rnd 1    Knit

Rnd 2    k1(yo, k2 pass yo over previous k2, k2 )rep to last 

              3 sts, yo, k2 pass yo over k2, k1

Rnd 3     Knit

Rnd 4     k3 (yo, k2, pass yo over previous k2, k2) rep 

               to last st , yo k1 remove marker k1, pass yo over

               previous 2 k sts, slst on right needle to left, replace

               marker, sl slst on left needle back to right

Repeat these 4 rnds until hat measures 15 (16, 17) cm. 

Ending with round 4.

Crown – (switch to double pointed needles as needed)

Place markers after each k26 (28, 30) sts

Dec rnd 1     (Ssk, work pattern as set to 2sts prior to marker, 

                      k2tog, SM) rep to end.

Dec rnd 2      Knit

Rep above 2 rnds until 16 sts remain. 

Break yarn and thread through live stitches. Pull to close and sew in ends securely.

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