Crochet and well-being

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit obsessed with the crochet of late

Crochet shawl in progress

There are a many reasons for the current obsession. Here are my top three.

The first being, I’m currently studying to achieve my certification with Crochet Guild Australia. With an amazing teacher the one and only Jenny King.

Love of texture

Secondly, I’m working on building my YouTube presence and for me crochet is fast and intuitive. I’ve always been able to pick up a hook and make it up as I go along. It’s faster and easier for me to design in crochet. And while I’m trying to kick start the channel I need to churn out the original content,

Beautiful daughters

And Thirdly.. I find crochet so good for my mental health and well being. I’m currently working with Mahlie of Living Arts Therapy I’m learning DBT skills to help me regulate my emotional wellbeing. I use my crochet to help me sit and be present in our weekly sessions. Having my hands busy, helps me focus and remain within my ‘window of tolerance’

Colour as therapy

I love working with colour and texture, crochet is the perfect vehicle for working with both.

It’s true… crochet does make us HAPPY HOOKERS 😁

Conclusion: The data suggests that crochet offers positive benefits for personal wellbeing with many respondents actively using crochet to manage mental health conditions and life events such as grief, chronic illness and pain. Crochet is a relatively low-cost, portable activity that can be easily learnt and seems to convey all of the positive benefits provided by knitting. This research suggests that crochet can play a role in promoting positive wellbeing in the general population, adding to the social prescribing evidence base.


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  1. I find crochet to be easy to design in as well. And it’s a life saver for mental health.(for me at least!) I can’t wait to see what you create.

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