Scraptastic crochet scarf

This scarf was inspired by my friend Deb. She knits scrap scarves one row at a time.



  • Lots of scrap yarn of similar weight and fibre content
  • Hook to match yarn
  • Scissors

Pattern (uk/us)

Make along with me 😊
  • Make a chain slightly longer than the scarf length desired.
  • Into 2nd chain from hook work *dc/sc, ch1 miss one chain rep from* at end of row cut and finish yarn leaving a long tail for fringe.
  • With the reverse side of fabric facing, join new yarn, leaving a long gain, with a standing dc/sc. *1ch, miss dc/sc, dc/sc into next ch space repeat from * across.
  • Continue to work as above with side of starting chain. Changing colours as you make each row. Ensure each new row is worked on the reverse of the row below.

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