Another Bumpy Beanie

Another free beanie pattern. I’m on a hat knitting binge. I go through periods of almost obsessive creating. Seems this is a part of my BPD. The need to start new things, but not always finish them!

Maybe my making is a reaction to uncertainty and the season of change we are all going through.

With the loss of Queen Elizabeth and now Uncle Jack Charles. Born at the opposite end of the line of privilege in our society, each made the world a better place for many. Each showing us how to live life with dignity and grace. And Uncle Jack, showing us how to live with forgiveness, resilience and hope. How to speak our truth. As a whitefella I by no means wish to cause offence to his family by using his name. I’m a person who wants to speak less and give more space for others to speak. I too feel grief at his passing and wish to mourn his loss.

Another trait of BPD is over sharing 🙄😏 who knew …

Another bumpy beanie

I love texture in my beanies. I love knitting texture. This version is knitted in an alpaca blend of yarn, any 8 ply yarn ( a yarn that knits 22sts to 10cm) will do. You need at least 170 meters, not including the pompom.

To make this a baggy bumpy beanie, knit until hat measures 23cm or more before reducing the crown.

Baggy beanie

Lilly claimed the baggy beanie and won’t hand it back.

Download pattern

3 thoughts on “Another Bumpy Beanie”

  1. Your paragraph on the Queen and Uncle Jack Charles was beautifully said. You have summed up what many think so well. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Beautiful work! I so agree. They both brought an era to the world that has since long gone. The era of elegance and grace of humbleness and humility. They have gone on to share their good work in greener pastures beyond.

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