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Garments from hand woven fabric


Liz’s new book, ‘Zero Waste Sewing’ has me enthused to explore making my own clothing from my hand woven fabric. I made a jacket using Liz’s new book. Now it’s colder, I’ve worn my jacket a few times and always get compliments on it.

My jacket was woven on an  Ashford 80 cm ridged Heddle loom at 7.5 DPI. I used Ashford Tekapo 8ply in the warp and  Crazy Colours in the weft.

I mostly weave on my 25cm Ashford Sampleit loom. I do have many bigger looms but the Sampleit is my favourite. The Sampleit is very easy to throw in a bag and take home with me each night. I often weave in bed during the colder months of the year. popping a pillow under the front of the loom to raise it.

Many of my customers also have the 25cm Sampleit as well as their larger looms. The Sampleit is the most affordable of the Ashford looms, a great beginners loom that I find most weavers hold onto even when they go on and purchase larger looms.

I’ve sold many 80cm rigid heddles as first looms to new weavers, for them to come back later and buy the Sampleit. They too find its portability makes it a well used loom.

On my little Sampleit I have made plenty of scarves, bags and dishcloths. Now I’m want to do a little more and enthused to try making garments. I will keep you informed of how I go.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of web searching and have put together a few links to inspire me..


Judith Shangold, the author of Weave . Knit. Wear   has written an informative article for Hand Woven Magazine


A cute little vest by Rachel Wolcott from the blog Sheep Cabana. Rachel has provided some great tips for working with handwoven fabric.


‘The Weaver Sews’ is an informative article by Daryl Lancaster


If you are a visual person this Pintrest board will inspire you!

Sarah Howard – Get Weaving, has a wide selection of patterns for handwoven fabrics


From a pdf with tips for sewing handwoven fabrics

Click to access 4_260_sewing_with_handwovens.pdf

Jazz Turtle aka Esther Rodgers has some tips to get you confident in cutting that precious cloth!

and my final link is to a Blueprint article nohow to use small amounts of handwoven fabric


Liz is currently having an exhibition at the Art House in Clare.

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