Crochet Cap

Thank you to the wonderful testers Carole, Rachael and Margaret. I very much appreciate the time you took to help me.


Yarn: 8ply 200gms Yarn A -dark Yarn B – light


Special stitches:

Fptr – front post treble

Standing treble

Spike stitch

**BLO – back loop only. I work this into the back loop, plus the hidden stitch below it at the back. This prevents the stitches pulling open.

Abbreviations:  (Australian UK terms)

  • R- row/round
  • Ch – chain
  • Tr – treble
  • tr2tog – treble two together
  • DecR – Decrease round
  • Slst – slip stitch
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Htr – half treble
  • St – stitch
  • Sp – space


  • To adjust size change the length of the band.
  • Crochet hats do look bigger than knit hats, as they do not stretch the same way.
  • When working tr into side of band, * Using stitch markers to mark 8 even sections on band makes it easier to place sts. 14sts per section. Place a stitch marker every 10th st to help with the counting of the tr worked into the band.

Hook 3.5mm


Colour A
Chain 13
R1 starting in 3rd ch from hook tr,  2ch turn ( 12)
R2 skipping the 1st tr,  fptr around each st across, including the turning ch of previous R, 2ch turn (12)
Repeat R2 62 times, omit last 2ch (this can be adjusted for fit)
Matching short ends, slst both ends together.
Break Colour A


With yarn B
R1 Starting with a standing treble, Work 112 tr evenly around band, slips to standing tr. *
R2 & R3 2ch,  tr around, slst to top of 2ch. 
R4 1ch, dc around, slst to 1ch.
Break B

With yarn A
R5 1ch, over the next 4 sts work (1dc, spike st into base of R4 dc, spike st into R3 tr sp, spike st into base of R4 dc,)repeat until end slip st into 1ch
R6 2ch, htr around sl st to 2ch.
Break A
With yarn B
R7 working in **blo, starting with a standing tr, tr each st around, slst to standing tr.
Repeat R2- R6 once more.

Decreasing sections

With Yarn B
DecR 1  working in BLO starting with standing tr (12tr, tr2tog) repeat around  sl st to standing tr (104)
DecR2 ch2 tr around, slst to top of chain
Dec R3 ch2, (11tr, tr2tog) repeat around sl st to ch2 (96)
DecR4 1ch, dc around
Break B
With Yarn A
Dec R5 1ch, over the next 4 sts work (1dc, spike st into base of R4 dc, spike st into R3 tr, spike st into rase of R4 dc,)repeat until end slip st into 1ch
DecR6 2ch, htr around sl st to 2ch
Break Yarn

Repeat DecR1- R6 for a total of six times. Keeping the pattern of decreasing 8 sts. Each decreasing round reduces by one st between decrease stitches.

Second section – (10tr and 9 tr between decreases)
Third section – (8tr and 7 tr)
Fourth section –  (6tr and 5 tr)
Fifth section – (4tr and 3tr)
Sixth section – (2 tr and 1tr)

With Yarn A Last round 2ch  (tr2tog) to end, slst to 2nd ch

Break yarn, do not gather top of hat yet.

Make twisted cord

Cut 4 x 1m strands of yarn, Lay them side by side,tie them together at each end. Holding one end firmly, (I use my toe!) twist them until they start to kink. Carefully match the ends and let the yarn twist back on itself. Tie ends together.

Make tassel

Using your phone.* Wrap yarn around the long length of phone until bundled yarn looks full, around 50 wraps. Tie bundle, through the centre, with a strand of yarn firmly at one end. Slide tied bundle carefully from the phone. Using 1 meter of yarn wrap bundle firmly about 2 cm from tie, pull tight and tie firmly. Bury ends inside tassel. Cut open opposite end from tie. Trim and neaten.

*(phone measures 14cms, a piece of cardboard or a book can also be used)

Join tassel to cord

Firmly sew tassel to folded end of twisted cord.

Sew cord to top of hat.

Insert knotted end of cord  into top of cap and sew it firmly into place while gathering hat around it.



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