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Itty bitty teeny weeny socks

I knit a lot of socks. There’s always more than a pair on the needles. My favourite ones are those for little feet.  I have a little addiction to tiny feet. So deliciously perfect. Ten tiny toes of pure perfection. Baby feet always smell wonderful too.  Getting to the stage of my life where no more little feet will come, I now teach infant and toddler water awareness to get my baby fix, while I wait with anticipation for the chance to hold a grandchild. While I wait, I can knit little socks.


I do not use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of round, instead I keep track of the cast on tail. I refuse to write make two! I am pretty sure you can work out you will need two.

*** to reduce the heel gaps pick up a strand of yarn between the stitches, twist it, and knit it together with the next stitch.

Yarn: 4 ply, approximately 15 gms 60m

Needles 2.75mm double pointed needles

Size: Babies come in lots of different size and sooner or later these will fit. Foot length is 9cm and the ribbing cuff is very stretchy.


  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • st/s – stitches
  • R – round
  • w&t – wrap and turn. slip the next stitch and wrap the working yarn front to back around it, turn the work


Cast on 36 sts, Place 12 sts onto each 3 dpns, join into round

Cuff/ leg

Work rib (k2,p2) for 6 cms

Heel. – garter stitch short row heel

The short-row heel is worked over half the sts  18.
Arrange stitches.   Needle one 9 sts, needle two 18 sts, needle three, 9 sts

Work in rib across needle one

Working on Needle two:

Row 1: Knit 17 sts, w&t.
Row 2: knit 16 sts, w&t.
Row 3: Knit 15 sts, w&t.
Row 4: knit 14 sts, w&t.
Row 5: Knit 13 sts, w&t.
Row 6: knit 12 sts, w&t.
Row 7: Knit 11 sts, w&t.
Row 8: knit 10 sts, w&t.
Row 9 Knit 9 sts, w&t
Row 10 knit 8 sts, w&t.
Row 11 knit 7 sts w&t
Row 12 knit 6sts w&t

Row 13: Knit to your first wrapped stitch, knit it , w&t. (you are wrapping the stitch after the one you just worked, so now this stitch has TWO wraps on it).
Row 14: knit to your first wrapped stitch, knit, w&t.
Row 15: Knit to your next wrapped stitch, knit , w&t

repeat Row 15 until you have knit all the way across the w&t stitches.

*** read note on how to reduce gaps

Knit the Foot

Arrange stitches – place 12 sts on each needle

Working in the round knit plain stocking stitch until the foot measures 7cm from heel.

Decrease the Toe (spiral toe)

R1 (k4, k2tog) repeat (30sts)

R2, R4 &R6 knit

R3 (k3, k2tog)repeat (24)

R5 (k2, k2tog)repeat (18)

R7 (k, k2tog) repeat (12)

R8 (k2tog) (6)


Break yarn leaving a 20cm tail. Thread tail through live stitches and gather. Sew securely and weave in ends.








7 thoughts on “Itty bitty teeny weeny socks”

  1. When I finish row 1 on needle 2, do I purl back? ( The instructions say to knit .)
    Or do I continue knitting till I come around to row 2.

    Thanks Brenda

  2. Hi love your pattern, The heel technique is a new method for me.
    When you say ‘Working in the round knit plain stocking stitch until the foot measures 7cm from heel.’
    Does that mean from end of the garter stitch and beginning of the stocking stitch or do I measure half of the garter stitch from the back
    Cheers Jill

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