Basic Baby Beanie – newborn

I love knitting in the round. No unsightly seams and no uncomfortable ridge for a baby to lay their head upon. Baby knitting is a bit of a secret vice for many of us. My baby days are now gone and I wait patiently for the grand children to arrive. I have no little ones to knit for with anticipation and love. So I’m now making a few little hats and baby socks for the shop counter.

This little beanie has been my go to pattern for many years. It’s always been in my head until now, many of my patterns are. There have been many times customers have picked up items in the shop and asked me if I have a pattern for it and my answer has been, no it’s in my head.

Materials: 4 ply Patonyle Sock yarn, 20gms, 75meters

Needles: 3mm, 30cm Addi circulars, 3mm double pointed needles for crown decrease. One stitch marker.

Gauge: 26sts to 10cm

Size: circumference 30cm unstretched height: 17 cm


  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • k2tog – knit two together


Cast on 80st

Join in the round, place beginning of round marker.


Knit in (k1, p1) rib until brim measures 6cm


Knit in stocking stitch until hat measures 12cms from cast on edge


R1 – (k8, k2tog) repeat around
R2 – knit and even R
R3 – (k7, k2tog)
R5 – (k6, k2tog)
R7 – (k5, k2tog)
R9 – (k4, k2tog)
R11 – (k3, k2tog)
R13 – (k2, k2tog)
R15 – (k1, k2tog)
R16 – (k2tog) (8sts)

Break yarn and thread tail through remaining sts and gather.
Secure and weave in ends.

A PDF can now be purchased via my Ravelry Store

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