Bee Mine Beanie


Challenge accepted!

Just over a week ago I ran a hand paint microwave dye class. To cut the costs down and give lots of dye fun I made the hanks we dyed 50gms each. Not a lot of yarn. I was challenged to come up with a pattern to use this small amount of hand dye to best advantage.

So here it is! Deb, Nikki and Leslie kindly volunteered to do some test knitting, so this has been test knitted. The samples in the photos were made with both the yarns I dyed on the day.

Often I fall in love with a hand dye yarn but just can’t find the perfect pattern for it. teaming a highly variegated yarn with a plain yarn helps the eye rest and also make economical use of a very special yarn.

Demands by the shops crocheters have me currently working on a crochet version. I’m half way through the first make. Anyone want to test crochet? Send me an email

Yarn Ashford Tekapo 8ply  60gms Yarn A plain colour, 50 gms Yarn B hand dyed
Needles : 4mm 40 cm circular, 4mm double pointed needles for reducing the crown
Gauge: 22sts to 10cm over stocking st

  • P: purl,
  • K: knit,
  • sl – slip,
  • wyib – with yarn held to back
  • Rnd – Round; st – stitch/es

Size: Adult

Notes: When swapping yarns, drop yarn and  bring up to work when needed again.


Brim  Yarn A

Cast on 120st

Join in round and knit (k2,p2) rib for 14 rows, 5cm

Rnd 1 Knit
Rnd 2 Purl
Rnd 3 – 8 Using yarn B (sl2 wyib, k6) repeat

Using yarn A
Rnd 9 knit
Rnd 10 purl
Rnd 11 Knit
Rnd 12 purl

Rnd 13 – 18 Using yarn B (k4, sl2 wyib, k2) repeat

Using yarn A
Rnd 19 Knit
Rnd 20 Purl

Repeat Rnd 1 – 20, 2 more times. ( giving 6 layers of colour bubbles)


Using A
Rnd 61 (k1, k2tog) repeat (80sts)
Rnd 62 purl

Rnd 63 – 68 Using yarn B (sl2 wyib, k6) repeat

Using A
Rnd 69 knit
Rnd 70 purl
Rnd 71 (k2tog) repeat (40sts)
Rnd 72 purl

Rnd 73 – 76 Using yarn B (k4, sl2 wyib, k2) repeat

Using A
Rnd 77 – knit
Rnd 78 – purl
Rnd 79 and 80- (k2tog)

10sts remain, break yarn. Thread tail through live stitches and gather.
Secure ends and sew in.

**Swap to double pointed needle as stitch reduce.

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  1. I have wanted to learn this stitch but didn’t want to so a shawl. So the hat is perfect.

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