21cm baby doll patterns, knitting

Simplest Baby Doll 21cm Jumper.

A perfect first knit for a child who loves their dolls! Teaching a child to knit gives them a skill that will last their whole life. While making treasured memories of that special person who taught them. I am happy to put a learn to knit kit together for you. Just pop in or email


Yarn: 8 ply

Needles: 4mm

Tension: 22sts to 10cm over garter stitch

Front and Back

Cast on 22 sts and work in garter stitch until work measures 10cm. Cast off.

Sleeves (make 2)

Cast on 18 sts and work in garter st until work measures 6 cm cast off.

To make up:

Lay back and front matching shoulder seams. Sew both shoulder seams 1 cm, with mattress stitch.

Center sleeves, to shoulder seam and join to the back and front.

Fold across shoulders and sleeves, matching bottoms of back and front. Sew side and sleeve seams, be careful to match underarms.


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