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Mesh Soap Saver

In an effort to reduce the use of plastics using soap rather than body wash, which comes in plastic bottles, makes a lot of sense and saves cents too!

Soap Savers are handy little pouches to keep your soap out of the water. Make a hanging loop and hang in the shower, prolonging the life of your soaps by allowing air to circulate and dry the bar.

This pattern is rather clever, no sewing up to do. It uses a technique called double knitting. two layers of fabric are created by slipping alternate stitches.

I have added a couple of tutorial videos to expand on how the fabric is made.

Materials:  10ply Fiddlesticks Finch Cotton for soap saver, contrasting colour for drawstring

Needles: 4mm straight needles plus one double pointed needle, for the cast off. 4mm crochet hook for drawstring


sts – stitches;  yo – yarn over; sl – slip; wyif – with yarn in front; (……) repeats are in brackets


Cast on 20 sts

Row 1:  (yo, k1, pass yo over, sl1 wyif) repeat (video)

Repeat row one until desired length.

Cast off

(k 1, Slip next stitch onto a spare needle. k1, pass second stitch on right hand needle over first)repeat until only stitches remain on the spare needle. Cast off the spare needle as per normal. (video) when one stitch remains knit a stitch into the first stitch cast off, pass second stitch on needle over first. Break yarn and finish.



Crochet a chain about 40cms long. Thread through top of soap saver. Tie ends of chain together.


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