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Half Brioche Stitch Dishcloth

Dishcloths are fun and fast to knit. An excellent way to try a new technique or stitch. You can even make one as a gauge swatch! Love texture but not keen on the purl stitch. This little pattern is a delight to work up. Lots of texture with minimal effort.

Yarn: Fiddlesticks Finch 10ply (available to order)

Needles: 4mm


k – knit.

K1B – knit one below

(….) – repeats are in brackets

st/s – stitches

Size: 22cm square


Special Stitch

K1B – insert your right needle through the stitch below the st on the left needle, bring the yarn through and lift st off left needle.

This Video from Studio Knit explains it well



Cast on 34 sts

Rows 1 – 4 knit

Row 5 k2 (k1, k1B) until last 2 sts, k2

Row 6 knit

Row 7 k2 (k1B, k1) until last 2 sts, k2

Row 8 knit

Repeat rows 5-8 twelve more times (or desired)

To finish:  Knit two rows

Cast off

Sew in ends.


Would you like a dishcloth kit? Email me and I can put together something special just for you.



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  1. Just found this pattern and I’m in love! I’m not fond of the purl stitch either. The texture on this is amazing. Thank you

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