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Knitted Fingerless House Mitts

Fast to knit and no seaming, due to the special cast off at the end. These fingerless mittens can be knitted in your favourite house or team colours! The garter stitch is very stretchy and hugs the hand, so these will fit a wide size range.

Yarn: 8 ply yarn 50 grams of two colours, dark and light. I make two pairs out of 100 grams.

Needles:  4mm needles 

Gauge: over garter stitch. Mine was 20 stitches and 34 rows. It’s not overly crucial as garter stitch will stretch a lot.

Abbreviations: are kept to a minimum to assist beginning knitters

Note: when swapping colours, keep the first stitch loose so the fabric will stretch.

Cast on 40 stitches with the lighter yarn

Palm / back of hand

Row 1 & 2 with light yarn,  Knit  

Row 3 & 4 with darker yarn Knit  

Repeat row 1-4,  six more times (seven ridges of dark)

Thumb gusset – worked in light yarn

Row 1 – With light yarn knit 30 stitches turn, leaving 10 stitches unworked.

Row 2 – Knit 15 stitches turn (leaving 15 stitches unworked)

Row 3 – Slip the first stitch,  knit 14 turn

Row 4 – Knit 12 stitches (turn)

Row 5 – Slip the first stitch, knit 11 turn

Row 6 – Knit 9 stitches turn

Row 7 – Slip the first stitch, knit 8 turn

Row 8 – Knit 6 turn

Row 9 – Slip the first stitch, knit 5 turn

Row 10 – Knit 8 turn

Row 11 – Slip the first stitch knit 7 turn.

Row 12 – Knit 11 turn

Row 13 – Slip the first stitch knit 10 turn

Row 14 – Knit 14 turn

Row 15 – Slip the first stitch knit 13 turn

Row 16 – Knit 30

With dark yarn:

Row 17 knit 30 turn

Row 18 Knit 30

Joining the gusset

Change to light yarn

Row 1 – Knit 29, skip the next stitch to be knit, leaving it on the needle. Knit into the 31st, the first of the 10 left on the needle when the gusset was started.  Leave the 31st on the needle, now knit into the 30th stitch. This will stop there being a gap. Take off both the 30th and 31st stitch and knit to the end of the row.

Row 2 – knit 40st, 

Palm/ back of hand

Row 1 & 2 with dark yarn Knit.

Row 3 & 4 with light yarn Knit.

Repeat Rows 1 – 4 six more times

Special Cast off (with light yarn) See YouTube video below

Cast off by having right sides of mitt together, cast on edge lined up with live stitches.

[(Insert right needle under the two legs of the first cast on stitch and knit stitch on left needle, passing cast on edge over stitch as it is knitted.) Repeat ( ) and pass first stitch created over second] Repeat [ ] until one stitch remains, break yarn and pull through last stitch to secure.

Sew in ends.

NEED YARN? Email me and I can put together a kit for you

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  1. I knitted a single one of these in blue/grey wool to test the pattern, then knitted its partner to make a pair, gave the set to my brother for Christmas and he LOVES them…and will start wearing them in about 4 months time haha.

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