Butterfly – draft

This pattern is untested. Any errors please let me know.

Yarns: dazzle 8ply – scraps for colour of body

Scraps of hand dyed sock yarn – wings

Needles: 3mm double pointed needles

Abbreviations : K – Knit p- purl kfb – knit front and back into stitch. k2tog – knit two stitches together. w&t – wrap and turn ( with yarn in back, insert the right needle tip purlwise into the next stitch, and slip it to the right needle. Bring the yarn to the front, slip the wrapped stitch back to the left needle. Turn the work and work the next row.) SR – short row


Cast on 4 sts join in the round. ( I work as i-cord)

Rnd 1 knit

Rnd 2 (k1, kfb) repeat (6sts) ( I now seperate onto three needles)

Rnds 3 and 4 knit

Rnd 5 (k1, kfb) repeat twice more (9sts)

Rnds 6 – 8 knit

Rnd 9 (k2, kfb) repeat twice more (12 stitches)

Knit until body is 8 cm

Stuff butterfly body

Next rnd (k2tog) around (6sts)

Break yarn and thread yarn through stitches to close head.

Shape head by sewing a gathering row, 2 cms from head end.

Wings – worked with short rows in one piece

Cast on 30sts. And Knit one row


Row 1 k14, w&t

(Short row 1) knit to end

( SR 2) K 10 W&t

(SR 3 )knit to end

(SR 4) k 6 w&t

(SR 5) knit to end)

Row 2 knit to end- across all w&t

Row 3 k14, w&t

( Short row 1) knit to end

(SR 2) K 10 W&t

(SR 3) knit to end

(SR 4) k 6 w&t

(SR 5) knit to end)

Row 4 knit to end- across all w&t

Repeat Above 3 rows 4 more times, 5 short row wedges are now worked on each side.

Cast off 

Assembly – Sew wings onto the body of the butterfly. Embroider eyes and use a stand of yarn with a knot tied to create antenna


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