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Little Bunny Foofoo

Yarn: scraps of 8 ply Dazzle in body colour , eyes, nose and tail colour.

Needles: 3.00mm double pointed needles

Tension: firm

Abbreviations: K – knit p – purl k2tog – knit two together. Kfb – knit front and back


Cast on 20 sts join in the round

Rnd 1 knit

Rnd 2 (k1,kfb) around (30sts)

Knit until piece measures 7 cms from cast on.

Decrease for head

Next row ( k3, k2tog) around ( 24sts)

Knit until piece measures (10 cms)

Decrease for ears 

Next round (K2, k2tog) (18sts)

Knit until piece is 15cm

Next round (k1,k2tog) around (12sts)

Next round (k2tog) around (6sts

Rearrange stitches onto 2 needles and graft/ Kitchener stitch



Stuff ears lightly

Stitch centre divide for ears

Stuff head

Gather head

Stuff body

Gather base

Add pompom 

Stitch face.

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