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Materials Yarn: Dazzle 8ply in colours for hat, dress, stockings, skin,needles: 3mm double pointed needlessmall amount of stuffing, sewing up needle Abbreviations k - knitp-purlkfb - knit front and back into the stitch to increasernd - roundsts - stitchesk2tog - knit 2 stitches together(....) repeats Legs Cast on 4sts in stockings colour and work Icord… Continue reading Witch

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Butterfly – draft

This pattern is untested. Any errors please let me know. Yarns: dazzle 8ply - scraps for colour of body Scraps of hand dyed sock yarn - wings Needles: 3mm double pointed needles Abbreviations : K - Knit p- purl kfb - knit front and back into stitch. k2tog - knit two stitches together. w&t -… Continue reading Butterfly – draft

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Buzz – draft

Yarn: Dazzle 8 ply yellow, black and white Needles: 3mm double pointed needles Body With black yarn Cast on 4 sts join in the round ( I worked as Icord) Knit 2 rounds Round 3 (k1, Kfb) around (6sts) - (i now worked with all 4 DPNS) Round 4 knit Round 5 change to yellow… Continue reading Buzz – draft

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NAC Gnomes – draft

Yarn: Dazzle 8 ply colours for boots pants, belt, shirt, skin and beard Needles: 3 mm double pointed needles BODY - Starting at boots gnome Cast on 20sts in colour for boots join in the round. Leave a long tail Knit 5 rounds in boot colour.  Change to pants colour, knit 6 rounds, place a… Continue reading NAC Gnomes – draft

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Little Bunny Foofoo

Yarn: scraps of 8 ply Dazzle in body colour , eyes, nose and tail colour. Needles: 3.00mm double pointed needles Tension: firm Abbreviations: K - knit p - purl k2tog - knit two together. Kfb - knit front and back Body Cast on 20 sts join in the round Rnd 1 knit Rnd 2 (k1,kfb)… Continue reading Little Bunny Foofoo