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BPD – The Drama Queen

Emotional invalidation is when someone's feelings are denied, rejected, or dismissed. Invalidation makes someone feel as though their emotional experience is wrong. They may feel that their emotions are unacceptable, insignificant, or inaccurate. Psych Central Dad called me "Elizabeth Taylor", A drama queen, that and 'Fatty". Emotional Invalidation Growing up my emotions were intense and were… Continue reading BPD – The Drama Queen

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Freedom and Peace

It's the journey, not the destination in life, that is where the joy and freedom are. Staying in this very moment. When I am practicing mindfulness and staying in this moment, I am free. Free of the overthinking, free of regrets, free of binge eating and at peace with myself. That negative voice is quietened.… Continue reading Freedom and Peace

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Joy is in the moments.

I’ve learned so much over the last year. Finding the joy in the moment, is one of the life changing skills. The practice of mindfulness is one of the four skill areas taught in DBT. Today’s joyful moments included: 1. Tazz sitting on my lap, while I read a book and drank my first Iced… Continue reading Joy is in the moments.