mental health, reflections

Celebrating the small

I painted these!! One of my goals this year is to try new things. I started Activation Therapy, I didn’t stick with it. 🙄 I did however get a couple of takeaways from it. 1. Setting small achievable goals is important for improving mental health. Even the smallest step forward is a step towards getting… Continue reading Celebrating the small

mental health, reflections

A timely reminder

There are moments of synchronicity in life. Emails from others with uplifting words which arrive just at the moment they are needed. I had an email from someone I knew online years ago. Back when I wrote another blog. Funny how she mentioned one blog post that I needed to read and reflect on at… Continue reading A timely reminder

Adventures Of Betsy

Beep beeping around SA

Happy travelers - At Lochiel Lake Bumbunga pink salt lake Getting out and about in the first week of the year. It’s been surprisingly cool for summer here in South Australia. Lochiel SA The copilot and I headed for the coast, keen to have a swim. The copilot was keen on swimming at Port Wakefield… Continue reading Beep beeping around SA

mental health, reflections

Mind, body and spirit.

Indigo dyeing Taking time out to nourish myself today. A massage and acupuncture at The Beautique in Clare. Josie and Michael have made a huge difference to my wellness. It astounds me how connected our mental and physical health is. Since March I’ve been struggling to stay mentally healthy. As a result of all the… Continue reading Mind, body and spirit.

mental health

The Fear Of Failure I never feel 'good enough'. The fear of failure is always with me. Probably due to my early schooling experiences. I didn't learn to read until I was in year seven. I failed year 5 and again in Year 7. Back in the 70's and 80's children were made to repeat years. As one… Continue reading The Fear Of Failure