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Part 2 – Cast-on

Continuing with my series on cast-on techniques. The following techniques I use infrequently but are great cast-ons to know for specialised projects. The Backward Loop Cast-on The backward loop cast-on is fast to learn and do. This cast-on produces a thin and unstable edge. It can be difficult to produce and even edge and to… Continue reading Part 2 – Cast-on


Part 1 Casting-On.

Photo by Surene Palvie on Over the next few blog posts I will share some of my favourite knitting techniques. In Part one, I am starting with the very foundation of knitting, the cast-on. There are many ways to cast-on and it can be difficult to match a technique to a project. What follows… Continue reading Part 1 Casting-On.

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Why Hand Wind A Skein Of Yarn?

Gorgeous hand wound balls I will often rewind yarn from the commercial skein, often wrongly referred to as a ball. It might seem like a waste of time as the yarn is already in a form it can be worked from. There is method in my madness. Often when working with a commercial skein of… Continue reading Why Hand Wind A Skein Of Yarn?