Let’s play a game …

Waving away the day I’m having some fun with crocheting this shawl. I’m using two balls of Sirdar Shawlie. A new arrival in store. It’s always handy to have a finished item in the yarns I sell. I decided to use a wave rather than chevron pattern. The difference you ask? Well the increases and… Continue reading Let’s play a game …

yellow tassel
hat, knitting

Make a Tassel

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com A tassel is easy to make. They look great decorating the top of a beanie or on the corners of a scarf, shawl or blanket. They're also a great use for left over yarn and much easier to make than pompoms! All you need to make a tassel is: About… Continue reading Make a Tassel


Crochet Terms Explained

Growing up in Australia and learning to crochet when I was seven means until recently I only used English/ Australian crochet terms. I wasn’t even aware there were other terms out there. In 1997 when I first started to use the internet for seeking patterns I started to realise something was awry! What was this… Continue reading Crochet Terms Explained