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Mindfulness: Staying Present In Difficult Times.

Latest design ‘The Candy Cane Cap’ for Rebecca Page Holidays Summit. Life can be challenging at times. I've learned how much easier life can be when I stop regretting the past and worrying about the future. Both are bad habits I am working to eliminate. Habits long established which will take time and conscious effort… Continue reading Mindfulness: Staying Present In Difficult Times.

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Crocheters’ have big hearts 💕

Continuing my BIG crochet theme, today’s blog post, pattern and YouTube tutorial is another BIG Heart. Again using Panda’s Soft Cotton. Chunky. Big hearted 💕 Chunky Hearts UK terms Panda Soft Cotton Chunky 8mm crochet hook Abbreviations Ch - chain Dc - double crochet Htr - half treble Tr- treble Dtr - Double Trebles Slst… Continue reading Crocheters’ have big hearts 💕

vlog or vod?

October Vlog

The October vlog is now published to YouTube. Divided boxes dishcloth tutorial Materials Cotton yarn 8 ply 4mm needles Scissors Tapestry needle Abbreviations K - knit St/s - stitches P - purl (…..) repeat between brackets Pattern Cast on 35 sts Row 1 knit Row 2 (k1, p4) rep to end Row 3 (k3, p2)… Continue reading October Vlog