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If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.

I’ve taken up a new hobby. Peter and I did DNA tests during the first lockdown. More to see if the family rumour on Peter’s side was true. The story being one of his great grandmothers was Chinese and had come to Australia during the early gold rushes. Sure enough Peter’s DNA ethnicity came back… Continue reading If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.


Small Is Beautiful

So often I have been told, you have to have social media if you have a business. I have deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts! (GULP!!) I know many loved my social media so this wasn't something I did without thought. I've been slowly weaning myself off the social media over the last few weeks.… Continue reading Small Is Beautiful


Makers Gonna Make – Five years of KSW

It's bred into our very being this need to make. From earliest times human beings have been making, solving problems, manipulating their environment to meet their needs. This urge within us to make is strong. Making to make our lives more comfortable. Inventing the wheel to move faster or learning to spin to make clothes… Continue reading Makers Gonna Make – Five years of KSW


Shop Open. What a rocky ride it has been.

I opened the shop two weeks ago with modified hours of 9-12. I’m excited to say, all went well. With the current situation seeming to be under control at present I’m feeling more confident to open longer. From Tuesday the 12th of May the shop will be open from 9:30 am to 2pm Tuesday to… Continue reading Shop Open. What a rocky ride it has been.


Innovate or Perish

Innovate or perish is the way of small retail businesses. After over 4 years of running Knit Spin Weave I'm learning this is what will keep small retail businesses going in tough economic times. Small local retail is dying. I don't think anyone can argue not anymore. Walk down any shopping strip, small town main… Continue reading Innovate or Perish