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She sells seashells by the sea shore.

I choose happy. It’s not easy to do at times. Life can throw challenges, that can test the best of us. Eyre peninsula Perlubie Beach The choice of happiness takes self discipline and practice. Learning to make better choices in how I react to events isn’t easy. It requires breaking a lifetime of ingrained patterns… Continue reading She sells seashells by the sea shore.

Adventures Of Betsy


I’ve had a lovely weekend, out and about in my van Betsy, with Kouta my greyhound friend. We headed north Friday after work, escaping the rain. Camping Friday night, 10km north of Hawker. Waking to beautiful views. Saturday we headed out to Hookina, exploring and finding a Geocache to add to my tally. It was… Continue reading Exploring

Adventures Of Betsy


Stunning vistas Betsy and I headed off for an adventure. We hit the road heading for Hawker in the Flinders Rangers. On the way we visited historic sites. Kanyaka Homestead is north of Quorn, a reminder how isolated this country was prior to motorisation. The water hole was lovely and still used for watering stock… Continue reading OUTBACK ADVENTURES