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VAV Magazine – Sweden’s premier weaving magazine, a wonderful source of inspiration and information.

Content in 2017-3

14 In the beginning there is thread
meet Amy Revier in her studio in London
18 Signalling the artisanal touch
20 Take the step!
22 Pathways towards weaving professionally
28 Studio Supersju
30 Do You Nuno?
32 My Brangenfeldt’s new clothes
34 Four anonymous rya artists

Regular Features

5 Editorial
6 Textile news
7 Readers’ forum
8 Portrait
9 A Textile Tale
10 Focus on
12 Seen
62 Bookshelf
63 Order
64 Calendar
65 Read
66 Next issue

Drafts And Projects

36 Four rugs, one warp
40 Handtowel and repp on the same warp
42 Poncho in a tweed yarn
44 Baby wrap
46 The Threadcounters’ colourful blanket
48 Checked rag rug
50 Curtain panels woven with the fan reed
52 Scarves in multi-shaft twill
54 Weave School: Pleating/gathering
a woven cloth



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