Hand knitted baby soakers – fine merino stripes


Size: Hip 36cm Rise: 38cm Leg opening 14cm

These soakers are knitted with Color works fine merino 8ply

Braided tie

soaker is not lanolised

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What are Wool soakers?

Wool soakers are wool pants worn over cloth nappies. They are very absorbant and breathable. When Lanolised they are also water proof.

I have knittted these little pants for my children and used them over fitted cloth nappies. Years ago I sold them online under the name of Desert Rose Designs.

Find more information on cloth nappies:


When choosing a soaker, the measurements you need are:

The rise, the measurement of the garment from the front waistband around the crotch and up to the top of the back waistband. The measurement taken over a cloth nappie is from the belly button to the curve of the back.

The hip, the measurement around the middle of the cloth nappy.

The thigh, around the fullest part of the thigh

Measure your baby while wearing a cloth nappy to determine if the soaker with fit.

As babies vary a lot in the thigh, ensure the openings in the leg will also fit


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