Mirrix Looms

Professional quality looms for weavers of every level

Mirrix Looms are bead and tapestry looms for everyone from the novice crafter to the professional artist. These looms are wonderful tools that can help create everything from beaded bracelets to woven wall-hangings. Knit Spin Weave are proud to be bringing these looms to Australian weavers!

Mirrix Looms are primarily meant for bead weaving, tapestry weaving and bead and fiber combination, but can be used for anything from wire-weaving to rug-making.

The concept behind weaving on a Mirrix is simple, though techniques and possibilities abound. A Mirrix is a loom you can use and grow with regardless of your experience level.

Mirrix Looms are manufactured in the United States at a facility called Sunshine House that provides supported employment for people with physical and mental disabilities.

When you buy a Mirrix Loom you are purchasing more than a product, you are entering a community of like-minded artists and crafters all looking to share and grow!

Available in the following sizes:

  • 5″ Mini Mirriz Loreli Loom
  • 8″ Lani Loom
  • 12″ Little Guy Loom
  • 16″ Big Sister Loom
  • 22″ Zach Loom
  • 28″ McKinley Loom
  • 32″ Joni Loom
  • 38″ Zeus Loom

Not sure which one to pick? Click here and let Mirrix help you choose!

Loom accessories are also available.

They also have great information on set-up and warping instructions and Learn to Weave.

Knit Spin Weave

are the proud Australian Stockists of this loom!

This product is directly imported from the US manufacturers. As such – these loom are sold at the US RRP converted to AU (plus 40%). The extra cost is due to the postage/shipping of these looms from the US to AU.

Limited stock is held onsite at Knit Spin Weave. Items ordered in can take 6 weeks to arrive.  Being an imported product it’s best to contact us directly for an individual quote.

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