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Fibre Craft Retreat – Hummocks Station Friday April 28th to Sunday 30th 2023

Come and join us at historic Hummocks Station, a two hour drive from Adelaide, for a creative, fun weekend.

Friday night we will gather and chat around the campfire and enjoy a meal together. Saturday has the option of four different workshops or sit and relax in the Guest Kitchen with fellow fibre creatives. Sunday offers two more workshop before we gather for lunch and depart.

The aim is to offer an economically inclusive event. Families are very welcome to come and spend the weekend with us. There are many things to see and do at Hummocks. Check their Website for ways to entertain the family while you attend the workshops.

There is no need to attend all workshops, a choice will be offered, just pay for the ones you attend. There are low cost and free workshops offered, plus a relaxing space to hang out and chat, if that is what you prefer.

Learn about this iconic South Australian Station, which the Michael family have farmed for 6 generations. Listen to Andrew talk about the history of this iconic South Australian Station and tell tales of bygone years. There is nothing that matches South Australian country hospitality, Hummocks is raved about, by many of its frequently returning visitors.

The Michael family take seriously their responsibility to pass on their farm to the next generation in a better condition than the previous. They are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of their stock and land. They ceased muelsing years ago, due to selectively breeding their sheep to minimise the risk of fly strike.

Enrolments are now closed


Saturday 9 am

Needle Felting Name Badge

Cost: attendees free day visitors $10


Description: Each year we start with a whole group workshop to help establish a culture of inclusion. Giving everyone a shared experience to connect over. This year we will be making our own name badges for the weekend. It is strongly encouraged that previous attendees invite new attendees to join tables.

available all weekend

Indigo dye vat – Dye Station

cost: attendees $25. Day visitors $30

Tutors/ supervisors Chris, Liz, May

Description: Each participant will receive a calico bag to dye and access to the Dye Vats to dye 2 additional items (preferably no bigger than shirts) they will need to bring. Please be mindful of other participants, if your items are large (over 1m x1m) please leave them until the Sunday to be dyed.

Additional materials available for purchase.

Saturday Morning 10 am to 12 noon

Sock Knitting Techniques

Cost: attendee $50 day visitors $55

Tutor: Glenda

Description: In this workshop Glenda will walk you through knitting a mini sock in Paton’s Totem 8 ply yarn on double pointed needles, from the top down. Glenda has a fabulous technique for picking up gusset stitches with no holes or ridges! Workshop includes pattern, needles and yarn to knit full sized socks. Glenda will be available through the weekend to assist if you need additional help. Glenda is a calm and quietly confident teacher, as a left hander she understands how frustrating it can be to learn at times and is empathetic and gentle with beginners who struggle.

Self Care is for everyone

Cost: free

Tutor: Kat

Description: Self care is never selfish. Spend some quality time with Kat as you learn valuable information on why and how to practice self care. It’s not all bubble baths! Kat is an experienced mental health professional and we are so fortunate that she has offered her time and expertise to share her knowledge with us.

Batik – group 1

Cost: attendees $30, day visitors $35

Tutor: Tracy

Description: Batik is an ancient way of dyeing patterns on textiles using wax as a resist. This is an introductory workshop. We will be working on calico bags, with wax pens and brushes.

Saturday Afternoon 1 pm – 4pm

Spiral crochet

cost attendees $20 day visitors $25

tutor: May

Description: Learn this surprisingly simple but effective crochet technique. May will walk you through using 2 and more colours to produce a sample of this technique. All yarns included. BYO hooks or purchase on day.

Drop Spindle spinning

cost: attendees $30 day visitors $35

Tutor: Chris

Description: Spinning on a spindle is surprisingly effective and fast. When I think of spindle spinning I think of the tall ships who’s thread for sails were spun on drop spindles! Unlike a wheel a spindle is portable and the saying is. “Slower by the meter, faster by the week” due to the portability of spindles. Spinning was done as people walked from town to town or watched the flock. This class includes a spindle and fibre to get you started.

Batik – group 2

Cost: attendees $30, day visitors $35

Tutor: Tracy

Description: Batik is an ancient way of dyeing patterns on textiles using wax as a resist. This is an introductory workshop. We will be working on calico bags, with wax pens and brushes.

Sunday Morning 9 am – 12 noon

Glass Painting

tutor: Anna

Cost: attendees $70, day visitors $75

Description: Learn to paint on glass. A traditional Polish folk painting technique. Even beginners achieve beautiful results. *please note this is the last year we offer this workshop, so if you have missed out in the past it’s your last chance*

colour in weave

tutor: Rosie

Cost: Attendees $40 Day visitors $45

Description: In this workshop, Rosie will walk you through creating a colour in weave sampler on a rigid heddle loom. These samplers are a great resource for future weaving projects. See the large range of patterns available on the rigid heddle loom simply by the use of colour.

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