Fibre Craft Retreat – Hummocks Station Friday April 29 – Sunday May 1, 2022


Come and join us at historic Hummocks Station, a two hour drive from Adelaide, for a creative, fun weekend.

Friday night we will gather and chat around the campfire and enjoy a meal together. Saturday has the option of four different workshops or sit and relax in the Guest Kitchen with fellow fibre creatives. Sunday offers two more workshop before we gather for lunch and depart.

The aim is to offer an economically inclusive event. Families are very welcome to come and spend the weekend with us. There are many things to see and do at Hummocks. Check their Website for ways to entertain the family while you attend the workshops.

There is no need to attend all workshops, a choice will be offered, just pay for the ones you attend. There are low cost and free workshops offered, plus a relaxing space to hang out and chat, if that is what you prefer.

Learn about this iconic South Australian Station, which the Michael family have farmed for 6 generations. Listen to Andrew talk about the history of this iconic South Australian Station and tell tales of bygone years. There is nothing that matches South Australian country hospitality, Hummocks is raved about, by many of its frequently returning visitors.

The Michael family take seriously their responsibility to pass on their farm to the next generation in a better condition than the previous. They are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of their stock and land. They ceased muelsing years ago, due to selectively breeding their sheep to minimise the risk of fly strike.

I always have a sense of privilege to visit this amazing place and I love hearing Rosie and Andrew talk about the farm with so much love, passion and respect for the work of previous generations.

Friday 29 April

1.00 – 6.00Check in. Collect door prize ticket.
Name badge
Receive information on Hummocks Station
7..00 – Dinner: BBQ, baked potatoes, and salad.  BYO alcohol and drinks.  Limited soft drinks for sale. 
8.00 pm Welcome Introduction to instructors “Housekeeping”

Saturday 29 April

8.00 – 9.00Breakfast – Toast, fruit, cereal
 Function Room 1Function Room 2Outside Big shed
9.00 – 9.45 2 stick Mandala  
10.00 – 12.00Glenda – Left hand crochet Mental Health session – creative wellnessAdvanced 4-stick mandala 
12.00 -1.00Lunch – wrap/rolls – Lilly, Kate, Rosie to assist
1.00 – 4.00Ingrid Domino knittingLiz – Visible mending On-going 
Rosie Pick up weaving
 Tracy – Indigo and earth palette dyeing On-going 
5.30 – Lasagne and salad.  BYO alcohol and drinks. Limited soft drinks for sale. Saturday night games.

Sunday 1 May 

8.00 – 9.00Breakfast – Toast, fruit, cereal
Feedback sheets given out
 Function Room 1Function Room 2Outside Big shed
9.00 – 12.00Anna– Glass paintingLiz – Visible mending On-going
Tracy – Frame loom weaving
 Indigo and earth palette dyeing On-going 
12.00 -1.00Lunch – wrap/rolls. Lilly, Kate, Rosie to assist
Feedback sheets returned
1.00 – 3.00Finish projects
Tidy up
4.00Check out

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As last year, we have a free group workshop. Setting the atmosphere for the weekend. Aiding in getting to know each other and learning or practising a skill together.

9 – 9:45 am Greeting Workshop – 2 stick Mandala

A simple activity that is quickly learned. This little mandala gives us a chance to chat as we create and get to know each other. With the use of colour and incorporating two weaving techniques, we each will make something unique. Mandalas can be continued to be made in Kat’s Creative Wellness workshop which follows.

10 am to 12 pm Workshop session 2

Function Room 1 Left Hand Crochet with Glenda Cost $30 includes materials

Join Glenda to learn to crochet Left Handed. In this class Glenda with assist you to learn the basic crochet stitches and make your very first dishcloth.


Glenda is one of those people who becomes pretty expert at anything she puts her focus into. Never one to crawl before she walks. Glenda’s first significant crochet project was Ubuntu by Dedri Uys! She’s now HOOKED (pardon the pun) Being a leftie Glenda found it a challenge to find left hand tutorials and teachers.

Function Room 2 Creative Wellness with Kat. Cost: FREE

A skills based workshop for those interested in learning skills and strategies to help in life’s more challenging times. This workshop is designed to help participants use their creativity to build a toolkit they can refer to when times get tough.Participants are encouraged to bring creative projects to work on while we chat. Resource booklet will be provided to all participants. No prior knowledge needed, only an openness to learning about ourselves, a sense of curiosity and a willingness to look at ourselves with kindness.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • What does research say keeps us mentally well?
  • What benefits are there to using our creativity regularly and how to they link to wellness?
  • Using creative pursuits to manage anxiety and stress
  • Creative community building
  • Self care (not just about bubble baths!)
  • Self reflection and gratitude as a regular practiceBuilding a toolkit – CBT basics, mindfulness, strength based assessments, and reframing


Kat (they/them pronouns) is a 35 year old creative from Adelaide who currently works as the Senior Peer within Headspace. They use their lived expertise of mental health challenges and distress to help and support others through a peer work lens, with an interest in community connections, mental health across the lifespan and creative responses to challenges in life. They live with their partner Kane, father in law Baz and dog Stanley who’s hair is an inbuilt embellishment in all their projects. They knit, crochet, weave, occasionally sew, and study criminology in their spare time.

Outside. Yarn Mandala Meditations with Tracy Cost $30 includes all materials

Take your Mandalas to the next level and learn to create more intricate designs by incorporating more sticks, layers, colours and yarn placements.


Tracy is an eclectic creative who is at her best when learning, exploring and passing on what she has learned to others. Always with a new project or craft on the go, And way too many Works In Projects. If she was really honest she would tell you they are projects half finished and most likely never will be finished. Tracy started a yarn shop so she could play all day only to realise that running a shop is hard work with little time to play! It’s torture to be surround by enough yarn to last a lifetime and no time to play with it. An introvert by nature who loves spending time with others, then hiding in Betsy to recharge.

1pm to 4pm Workshop Session 3

Function Room 1 Domino Knitting, The Ultimate Stash-Buster: Modular Knitting with Ingrid. Cost $60

View Ingrids mittens here

Read about Ingrid’s shell work on the Interweave site HERE

Are you loathe to throw out a metre of yarn? Then have no idea what do with such short lengths? Here’s your opportunity to learn technique that is perfect for those precious lengths for yarn.

This fun creative technique will have your imagination running wild with all the items you can make.


Ingrid is a talented fibre addicted creator. I’ve never seen her sit still in the years I have known her! Ingrid is very generous with her knowledge, born to pass on her learning to others. A master with a drop spindle, a hoarder of yarn and fibre and her ability to de-stash is legendary!

Function Room 2. Liz Haywood Visible Mending Activity Station. Cost $30

Bring along your mending and spend some time with the very talented Liz Haywood.

See one of the techniques you can explore and learn HERE and HERE on Liz’s Blog.

Liz will have a collection of threads and fabrics for you to use to repair those ‘most loved can’t throw out jeans’


WOW! Liz is amazing. Her expertise would be intimidating if it wasn’t for the fact she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Always kind and a diplomat Liz is a wonderful teacher and craftsperson. Her books The Dressmakers Companion and Zero Waste Sewing have earned her International praise and awards. To get to know Liz, visit her BLOG

Function Room 2 Pick-Up Stick Weaving with Rosemary. Cost: $35 includes pick up stick and yarn.

There is much more you can do on a rigid Heddle loom than plain weaving. In this class Rosie will walk you through how to add pick up stick patterns to your hand woven fabric.


Rosie learned to weave a couple of years ago, since then she has eclipsed her teacher’s skills. ( Always a sign of a great teacher, when your students get better than you!) Rosie and her husband Andrew are the current custodians of Hummocks station. Rosies’ calm and happy disposition make her an excellent teacher. She loves weaving and has become so obsessed she now produces her own yarn!

The Big Shed I’m dyeing here, with Tracy. Cost $35 includes materials

After last years inaugural indigo session being so successful I brought it back this year with double the fun!. Now with 2 vats and additional table space. Plus this year I will also have Earth Palette Dyes available. Included in price of workshop is one skein of Ashford 4ply sock yarn and one silk scarf. Please bring up to 4 additional items to dye.

Additional Yarn and scarves available for purchase on the day. This is an activity station and will be available through out the weekend.


Tracy suffers from hypochondyer and is always dyeing with something.


Function Room 1 Glass Painting with Anna. Cost: $60 includes all materials

Anna is back, for those of us who missed out on this amazing workshop last year. Anna’s work is stunning and she guides you step by step though how you too can paint a stunning painting on glass.

Anna may struggle at time with her English but that in no way holds her back from being an amazing teacher. The use of kind guidance, repeat demonstrations and Anna’s personal warmth will make this a workshop you will remember with fondness for years to come.

Bring some paper to draw your design on and a pencil.

Function Room 2 Frame Loom Weave with Tracy. Cost $60 includes all materials

My all time favourite class to teach and probably the one I have taught most. I love teaching this class and seeing how each persons weaving takes on the personality of it’s weaver.

Peter will make you one of his tensioned frame looms for this workshop. Once you are to warped up and commenced weaving. I will throw on the table my huge stash of weaving for you to touch and see. Then choose the techniques that appeal to you and I will assist you to achieve them.