Environmental statement of values.

I am committed to making small changes in my business to reduce my impact on the plant.

I believe if we all make small changes, those changes will add up to big changes.

The changes I have made to make my business environmentally more sustainable:

  • Minimising my use of electricity. I do not use the air conditioning or heating in the shop. I now use a heated blanket on the coldest days and fans on the hotter days.
  • I have reduce my electricity consumption by removing the bar fridge and switching off the power at the switchboard at night.
  • I do not import from overseas suppliers. Apart from Ashford NZ.
  • I only buy from Australian wholesalers who import in large quantities, reducing travel miles on products.
  • I make every effort to choose my stock with a preference to manufactured here in Australia.
  • I do not purchase plastic carry bags or packaging. I recycle what I can of the plastic that enters the shop.
  • I stock and prioritise to stock recycled yarns.
  • I do not endorse consumerism and encourage my customers not to build yarn stashes, which leads to over production.

I am committed to learning how I can as a business be gentle on our planet.