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Getting creative.

witches Hats I had a fabulous weekend. I spend Saturday and Sunday in the studio with friends and Monday I was out at Bundaleer, forest bathing! Maple Walk Open Studio Saturday afternoon was open studio. I've been planning on making myself a witches hat for a long while. The physical effort felting requires is a… Continue reading Getting creative.

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Get Weaving – it’s easy!

Weaving with forked sticks as a loom. Getting started with weaving doesn't require expensive looms. You can easily make your own looms from what you find in the garden. I have used forked sticks often. The irregularities of the distance add interest and a challenge. Weaving can be a problem solving activity.  Handwoven magazine have… Continue reading Get Weaving – it’s easy!

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Stick Weaving – School Holiday Crafts

I haven't played with stick weaving for a long while. I was tiding up the store room and came across the sets of weaving sticks Peter had made for me, to use in a workshop I was teaching at the Clare Out Of School Hours Care. When I first opened the shop I did a… Continue reading Stick Weaving – School Holiday Crafts

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Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

Learning new things. Finger loop braids. I was watching Wolf Hall (again) and was intriguing when I saw a scene of Elizabeth Cromwell using her hands to weave a braid. Some net surfing later and I was ready to give it a go. What is Finger loop weaving/braiding? Fingerloop braiding is a way of making… Continue reading Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

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Garments from hand woven fabric

  Liz's new book, 'Zero Waste Sewing' has me enthused to explore making my own clothing from my hand woven fabric. I made a jacket using Liz's new book. Now it's colder, I've worn my jacket a few times and always get compliments on it. My jacket was woven on an  Ashford 80 cm ridged… Continue reading Garments from hand woven fabric