Small looms

I’m very much an advocate for weaving on small rigid heddle looms. They’re portability makes it easy to access and weave on in just about any space. I often take my 25cm with me when I have adventures in my van Betsy. It’s relatively easy to find spaces to warp her up as I travel.… Continue reading Small looms

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Finding colour inspiration

Weaving inspiration My favorite loom, of the multiple I own, is my Ashford Sampleit. The 25 cm fits nicely in a bag and is easy to transport and easy to weave on without a stand. I’m always on the go and don’t find a lot of time to sit at a loom that can’t be… Continue reading Finding colour inspiration

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Dorset Buttons

It’s all Glenda’s doing.. I was lucky enough to attend a Retreat hosted by Jane of Moseley Park and Kathy of Kathy’s fibres at the gorgeous and fascinating Bungaree Station. The retreat is annually run and unfortunately was cancelled last year due to the interesting times we live in. I love this retreat. All the… Continue reading Dorset Buttons


The intermittent weaver

It has been a long time since I pulled Katie out of her bag. Oops... where’s the lift plan?? When I did I found I had her warped and I had started weaving a pattern. But to my horror no draft to be found! I searched handweaving.net for about an hour to no success. My… Continue reading The intermittent weaver

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Getting creative.

witches Hats I had a fabulous weekend. I spend Saturday and Sunday in the studio with friends and Monday I was out at Bundaleer, forest bathing! Maple Walk Open Studio Saturday afternoon was open studio. I've been planning on making myself a witches hat for a long while. The physical effort felting requires is a… Continue reading Getting creative.