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Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

Learning new things. Finger loop braids. I was watching Wolf Hall (again) and was intriguing when I saw a scene of Elizabeth Cromwell using her hands to weave a braid. Some net surfing later and I was ready to give it a go. What is Finger loop weaving/braiding? Fingerloop braiding is a way of making… Continue reading Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

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Zero Waste Sewing – Bronze Age Style

Inspired by Liz I met Liz Haywood when I first opened the shop, about five years ago. A gifted author and knitter, Liz was a regular contributor to Yarn Magazine. I've enjoyed Liz's support and friendship and have been in awe of her talent. Her first book the Dressmakers Companion was a resounding success winning¬†the… Continue reading Zero Waste Sewing – Bronze Age Style

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Vintage Stocking Cap – Patons pattern book #444

I have a large collection of vintage knitting books and pamphlets some go back to the 1930s. Many have no date on them. I have knitted many a layette from the old Patons baby books over the years. Layettes are no longer popular and today babies wear very utilitarian clothing, rather than the ¬†frilly, lacy… Continue reading Vintage Stocking Cap – Patons pattern book #444

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Vintage Knitting book LOVE

Written 105 years ago,. Those of us who have battled a stubborn hank, know the sentiments expressed well! What Happens When we Wind! There's nothing wrong about the wool When first it is untied; The strands are lying evenly And neatly, side by side. But you should see what happens when We start to wind… Continue reading Vintage Knitting book LOVE