The intermittent weaver

It has been a long time since I pulled Katie out of her bag. Oops... where’s the lift plan?? When I did I found I had her warped and I had started weaving a pattern. But to my horror no draft to be found! I searched handweaving.net for about an hour to no success. My… Continue reading The intermittent weaver

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Store Update

The latest The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers 275 Autumn 2020 has arrived in store. $23 a copy, $5 postage if required. Purchase in store also available. Email: Tracy@knitspinweave.com.au to purchase your copy. now in store The Association’s National Exhibition, sadly, will not be happening at Leigh Spinners Mill in Lancashire this autumn, but… Continue reading Store Update


Sand Stitch Dishcloth/ Washcloth

When stressed, I find life is much easier to deal with when yarn is in my hands. Dishcloths and washcloths are a fun and quick project. That keep the hands and head focused on something productive while your world is out of your control. I have a nice collection now in store for sale. Pop… Continue reading Sand Stitch Dishcloth/ Washcloth

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‘Making’ magic.

I make magic Transforming fibre into yarn and then with two sticks; a hook or a loom into wearable items, toys, cloth, hats and countless other items, is an amazing thing to do. In days gone by makers were thought to have special gifts that turned fibre into cloth. They were seen to have special knowledge.… Continue reading ‘Making’ magic.