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A Basic Beanie

Basic beanie in multiple sizes No matter how hard I try, I can’t convince some to try knitting hats on circular needles. So here’s my FREE pattern for a beanie, knit flat. Print copies will be available in store for $2 Basic beanie -flat.pdfDownload


Bright Happy Colours

PINK!! (Sorry for yelling but it is … PINK) No deep meaning in today’s weaving. It’s shout in your face PINK. Hard to not feel happy when you see this exuberant colour. Pink, the colour of romance. Detail A fun and fast weave, using Patons Superquick yarn. Rya, soumac, loops, twining, plain weave, meet… Continue reading Bright Happy Colours


To a Louse

Rose said to me in the car, “I didn’t tell you mum because you’re so judgy” My heart fell. I felt the tears well. How could I have become the person I never wanted to be. Oh the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.Robert Burns We don’t see… Continue reading To a Louse


The new man in my life..

He’s big and strong and very versatile. It took me a while to catch him but he’s all mine now. Meet Jack! I’ve been very quiet this week on the socials. Getting to know Jack has taken up my time. He’s my 55th birthday present and probably my present for the next 5 years! Jack… Continue reading The new man in my life..


I found her again..

This mornings walk I found my inner mother. My inner child has been running wild for a few years now. She’s eaten ice cream at all hours. Crammed in enough chocolate cake to feed a hoard of starving monsters. She’s stayed up late playing on her phone until all hours. She’s hung around people who… Continue reading I found her again..