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The Importance Of Cultivating Compassion

Mentally , physically and spiritually I get better each day. The last few weeks have been a challenge for me. I’ve at times been able to use the skills I’ve learned in DBT to keep within a window of tolerance. At other times not. Peter and I have started the packing up of the shop.… Continue reading The Importance Of Cultivating Compassion

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Life is short

The life expectancy for a woman in Australia is 85.4 years, 31,191 days. I’m 57 this year. Today I’ve lived 20 728 days. If I live to 85.4 years, I have 10,463 days left. What do I want to do with these remaining days? Calculate how long you’ve lived here: https://www.countcalculate.com/calendar/days-lived What have I achieved… Continue reading Life is short

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On the road again – podcast

Magazine Cove I’ve been out and about in Betsy this week. Traveling and working on some patterns. I also found time today to edit the podcast and get it uploaded. Thanks to free wifi at the Minlaton caravan park. In the podcast, I take a trip to the Yorke and Eyre Penninsulas. I visit Secret… Continue reading On the road again – podcast