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Be a Red Sheep

In a world where you can be anything, be a red sheep. Imagine a world where conformity is the norm, and everyone blends into the background like sheep in a flock. But amidst this sea of uniformity, there is one red sheep who stands out, defying expectations and embracing their individuality. This red sheep, let's… Continue reading Be a Red Sheep

BPD, selfcare, small business

Slow Stitching

When you hobby becomes your business, you need another hobby.Anon Yesterday I was becoming overwhelmed. spiralling into overthinking and the negative self talk and self doubt was sneaking it’s way back into my thoughts. I’m at the pointy end of organising a retreat for 30 plus creative souls. I’m pressuring myself to post to my… Continue reading Slow Stitching

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Episode four 2023

Appila Springs South Australia Grab yourself a cup of tea and join me for a show and tell. In the podcast I talk about: The latest projects on my needles The importance of community Alignment of my values to what I now stock in the shop and how this has made me content. How it’s… Continue reading Episode four 2023