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Places you can knit

I’m working. Sitting on top of a sand dune. The wind cool upon my skin. The rhythmic sound of the waves. The sound of the wind in the grass. Watching the birds surf the wind. Matching my breath to the waves. The sun on my back pleasantly warm as the coolness of the wind brushes… Continue reading Places you can knit

Adventures Of Betsy, mental health, reflections, selfcare, wellness

Living the life you want

The Gap - The Yorke Peninsula Remember this post? I wrote that back in early October. Time for an accountability update. Wow! I’m doing it. I’ve made changes slowly over the last few months. I drink 1.5 - 2 lts of water a day. I have breakfast everyday and because of that habit I’m… Continue reading Living the life you want

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Love has immense power. It can free us at the same moment it ensnared us. Binding us to others and place. It brings us intense joy and sorrow. The deeper the joy. The deeper the sorrow can be. We can crave love but be too scared of the sorrow and pain it may ultimately bring.… Continue reading Ensnared

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A Sense of Belonging

We all need it. Humans are social beings. We would not have survived and evolved without working together. The need to be accepted by the tribe is a strong survival instinct. Even in the times we live, it's still important to our happiness and wellbeing to have friends and a community. KSW December Catch up… Continue reading A Sense of Belonging

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The Beginners mind

I’m learning to be excited about being a beginner again. Learning to be comfortable being imperfect. Learning it’s ok to be bad at something. As adults we’re not great at being beginners, being bad at something. Being vulnerable in showing others how much we don’t know and how much we still need to learn. I’ve… Continue reading The Beginners mind