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Boost your happy thoughts

As human beings we are hard wired to remember the negative experiences in life. To balance our tendency to negative thoughts I’ve learned the importance of magnifying the happy memories. Remember the good times I started scrapbooking and keeping a journal over a year ago. Though it seems like a mundane way to spend my… Continue reading Boost your happy thoughts


Scrap with me Ep2

Rose’s graduation 👩‍🎓 layout 2 It is a very well worn clique and I will repeat it again because it is a truth that needs to be remembered, ensuring we never forget how precious time and these moments are. My recent love of scrapbooking has taught me to saviour the good moments. Build them up… Continue reading Scrap with me Ep2

creative memories, scrapbooking

Scrap with me

I never really understood scrapbooking until last year. I’ve now discovered why it’s such a popular craft. It gives us the chance to remember and reflect on the good moments in our lives. The latest scrap with me episode Our brains are hard wired to remember the negative times. Adding some extra reinforcement of positive… Continue reading Scrap with me