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Crochet Cap

Thank you to the wonderful testers Carole, Rachael and Margaret. I very much appreciate the time you took to help me.   Yarn: 8ply 200gms Yarn A -dark Yarn B - light Gauge: Special stitches: Fptr - front post treble Standing treble Spike stitch **BLO - back loop only. I work this into the back… Continue reading Crochet Cap

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Vintage Stocking Cap – Patons pattern book #444

I have a large collection of vintage knitting books and pamphlets some go back to the 1930s. Many have no date on them. I have knitted many a layette from the old Patons baby books over the years. Layettes are no longer popular and today babies wear very utilitarian clothing, rather than the  frilly, lacy… Continue reading Vintage Stocking Cap – Patons pattern book #444

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Itty bitty teeny weeny socks

I knit a lot of socks. There's always more than a pair on the needles. My favourite ones are those for little feet.  I have a little addiction to tiny feet. So deliciously perfect. Ten tiny toes of pure perfection. Baby feet always smell wonderful too.  Getting to the stage of my life where no… Continue reading Itty bitty teeny weeny socks

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The Friendship Scarf

What makes a friendship? Friendships I find hard to define. What makes someone a friend? And how is that different from an acquaintance? There have been friendships that have ended and ones started in unexpected ways. Throughout my life people have popped in and out. Some have been very close at times, then not so.… Continue reading The Friendship Scarf

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Basic Baby Beanie – newborn

I love knitting in the round. No unsightly seams and no uncomfortable ridge for a baby to lay their head upon. Baby knitting is a bit of a secret vice for many of us. My baby days are now gone and I wait patiently for the grand children to arrive. I have no little ones… Continue reading Basic Baby Beanie – newborn