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Mind, body and spirit.

Indigo dyeing Taking time out to nourish myself today. A massage and acupuncture at The Beautique in Clare. Josie and Michael have made a huge difference to my wellness. It astounds me how connected our mental and physical health is. Since March I’ve been struggling to stay mentally healthy. As a result of all the… Continue reading Mind, body and spirit.

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Just finish something !

So many projects almost finished. Shell be right I’m so frustrated with myself. I have all these patterns almost ready to publish and for some reason just can’t bring myself to do the last 5% of the job! Noah’s promise What to do? I’ve tried taking myself away in Betsy just to work on them.… Continue reading Just finish something !

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World Kindness Day Today is World Kindness Day. A great day to reflect on how I can make the world a little better for others. It’s so easy to get locked into our own little worlds and fail to notice the needs of others. Kindness is not only good for others but for ourselves too. Being… Continue reading World Kindness Day

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The Fear Of Failure I never feel 'good enough'. The fear of failure is always with me. Probably due to my early schooling experiences. I didn't learn to read until I was in year seven. I failed year 5 and again in Year 7. Back in the 70's and 80's children were made to repeat years. As one… Continue reading The Fear Of Failure

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If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.

I’ve taken up a new hobby. Peter and I did DNA tests during the first lockdown. More to see if the family rumour on Peter’s side was true. The story being one of his great grandmothers was Chinese and had come to Australia during the early gold rushes. Sure enough Peter’s DNA ethnicity came back… Continue reading If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.