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She sells seashells by the sea shore.

I choose happy. It’s not easy to do at times. Life can throw challenges, that can test the best of us. Eyre peninsula Perlubie Beach The choice of happiness takes self discipline and practice. Learning to make better choices in how I react to events isn’t easy. It requires breaking a lifetime of ingrained patterns… Continue reading She sells seashells by the sea shore.

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Who are you?

Who are you? It’s a question that gets asked many a time in self help books. Who are you? A simple question but the answer can be quite complex. If you are like me, you often start with how you relate to others in the world. I would answer this question with, a mother, a… Continue reading Who are you?

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Love where you are

I’m in the city this weekend. I don’t get down here very often. I’m not a city girl at all. I hate driving here. I choose places to stay where I can park the car and not get back into it until it’s time to go home. I grew up in Adelaide, it was smaller… Continue reading Love where you are

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A Full Circle

Noah’s Promise The circle symbolises many things. It represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe. A circle represents evolution as a process of transformation from death to birth, ending, and beginning, as a circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity. In many customs… Continue reading A Full Circle