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A Sense of Belonging

We all need it. Humans are social beings. We would not have survived and evolved without working together. The need to be accepted by the tribe is a strong survival instinct. Even in the times we live, it's still important to our happiness and wellbeing to have friends and a community. KSW December Catch up… Continue reading A Sense of Belonging

mental health, selfcare, wellness

The Beginners mind

I’m learning to be excited about being a beginner again. Learning to be comfortable being imperfect. Learning it’s ok to be bad at something. As adults we’re not great at being beginners, being bad at something. Being vulnerable in showing others how much we don’t know and how much we still need to learn. I’ve… Continue reading The Beginners mind

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Trust in the process

When knitting I trust that making stitch after stitch will result in a finished item. Stitch by stitch Every little stitch is important and together those little stitches make something bigger than themselves. I know the stitches are the foundation of anything I make. If any of those stitches break then my jumper may unravel.… Continue reading Trust in the process

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Finding You

One of the tools I have used to help me get mentally heathy has been to write these posts and a journal. It helps me to clarify who I am and who I want to be. They hold a mirror up. Not to find the faults or the negatives but to find the things I… Continue reading Finding You

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Fill the spirit

Ahh The Flinders Rangers… big skies, wide open spaces and following the winding roads.Country music 🎶 wafting out the speakers.What will the next bend in the road reveal.This land can never be tamed.The ruins of the buildings of those who’ve tried testify to the strength of this land.Driving past emu dads with their chicks close… Continue reading Fill the spirit