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And you thought you’d signed up to a knitting blog!

Not just bubble baths Self care is not only bubble baths, facials, massages and manicures. Yes these are all valid but the most important self care you can do is be your best friend. Cheer yourself on The NUMBER ONE self care practice is to think and speak lovingly about and to yourself. Celebrate your… Continue reading And you thought you’d signed up to a knitting blog!

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Testing…testing … 1 2 3

Sock knitting online class I’m so excited. This week is the final week of the learn to knit socks online class. The testers are AMAZING! Thank you to all of them. They’ve worked hard and helped me learn how to teach in this new format. They’ve picked up things that don’t work so well and… Continue reading Testing…testing … 1 2 3

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My design process

I’m not an organised person. My brain does not work in a linear way. It jumps around in tangents and is very easily distracted. A new design I often lose track of projects and patterns. Many are half knitted. Some have made it to written patterns but not published. I get distracted by the next… Continue reading My design process

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She sells seashells by the sea shore.

I choose happy. It’s not easy to do at times. Life can throw challenges, that can test the best of us. Eyre peninsula Perlubie Beach The choice of happiness takes self discipline and practice. Learning to make better choices in how I react to events isn’t easy. It requires breaking a lifetime of ingrained patterns… Continue reading She sells seashells by the sea shore.

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Hand dyed Tekapo Yarn Materials Yarn: Merino Magic 50gms Needles: 3.25mm double pointed needles. 4.00mm double pointed needles Notions: Scissors, tapestry needle. Gauge 22st to 10cm Using stocking stitch Abbreviations St, sts - stitch/esSl - slipKk - knitPp - purlKfb - Knit front and backRnds - rounds Cuff Using 3.25mm needles Cast on 40 sts,… Continue reading FINGERLESS MITTENS In the round