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Little Purse

I wrote this little pattern for my beginning knitting class. They had all learned to knit and purl and now it was time to learn to make stocking stitch, decrease and make yarn overs. This fun little project isn't a slave to gauge always a help for new knitters who haven't yet spent the hours… Continue reading Little Purse

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Sweet Heart Beanie

I love a fast knit and no seaming! Patons Inca is so soft and squishy. A lovely blend of wool, alpaca and acrylic this beanie will be warm as toast on a minters morning in Clare. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of test knitters. Thank you to Zoe, who enthusiastically knit two… Continue reading Sweet Heart Beanie

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Keep your ball bands.

  I have often had visitors to the shop trying to match yarns having no ball bands. Very frustrating for them and me. With so many brands, weights, fibres and colours a near impossible task. I’m currently recording for my new class on Thinkific, the ultimate learn to knit class. One of the very first… Continue reading Keep your ball bands.

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Baby Rib Hugger

  Rib Hugger Vest Introduction: A perfect little vest to keep a babies chest warm, while leaving the arms free to move. Cute and practical. Wear it over a grow suit. With lots of stretch it will grow and fit for many months. A big thank you to the generous testers. Leslie Larsen and Alison… Continue reading Baby Rib Hugger

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Itty bitty teeny weeny socks

I knit a lot of socks. There's always more than a pair on the needles. My favourite ones are those for little feet.  I have a little addiction to tiny feet. So deliciously perfect. Ten tiny toes of pure perfection. Baby feet always smell wonderful too.  Getting to the stage of my life where no… Continue reading Itty bitty teeny weeny socks