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World Kindness Day Today is World Kindness Day. A great day to reflect on how I can make the world a little better for others. It’s so easy to get locked into our own little worlds and fail to notice the needs of others. Kindness is not only good for others but for ourselves too. Being… Continue reading World Kindness Day

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Thursday Nights in the Studio

Our little knit Night crew has shrunk since the COVID lockdown. Less are coming, which although sad, has allowed the remaining members to try new things. Smaller groups are easier to set up for. With limited working space at the dye/felting tables the smaller numbers ensure no one missed out. Last night we tried botanical… Continue reading Thursday Nights in the Studio


Knit Night

I am very blessed to spend each Thursday night with an amazing group of people. We chat, laugh, and craft. We're all pretty chill and laid back. There's really none of that competitiveness you can get with a group of makers. We don't try to save the world, there's no formality. We just bring our… Continue reading Knit Night