Big Family

Happy Easter 🐣 It’s noisy and there is something always going on when there are seven children in the family. They’ve grown up so fast. As a new mum I was often told this but in the midst of nappy changes, feedings and toddler taming I was in a daze and really did not appreciate… Continue reading Big Family

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Embracing imperfection

The act of knitting is often seen as an exercise in perfectionism. Every stitch must be even, the tension must be perfect, and the finished product must be flawless. But what if we embraced imperfection instead? The beginners mind. Mental health is a journey, and it is not always linear. There are ups and downs,… Continue reading Embracing imperfection

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Batik 🦇 ing with my girls

Using studio again After a few years I’m able to use my studio again. Spending creative time with my girls, we are learning together. It’s been many years since I last played with wax resist dyeing, aka batik. Fern’s precision isn’t going as planned One of the joys of being creative with others is seeing… Continue reading Batik 🦇 ing with my girls