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Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

Learning new things. Finger loop braids. I was watching Wolf Hall (again) and was intriguing when I saw a scene of Elizabeth Cromwell using her hands to weave a braid. Some net surfing later and I was ready to give it a go. What is Finger loop weaving/braiding? Fingerloop braiding is a way of making… Continue reading Finger Loop Weaving / Braiding

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Garments from hand woven fabric

  Liz's new book, 'Zero Waste Sewing' has me enthused to explore making my own clothing from my hand woven fabric. I made a jacket using Liz's new book. Now it's colder, I've worn my jacket a few times and always get compliments on it. My jacket was woven on an  Ashford 80 cm ridged… Continue reading Garments from hand woven fabric

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Making Order from chaos.

For me weaving is about the doing, the making not the finished product. I have a box in The Studio filled with little weavings. My weavings will never hang on a wall or displayed for all to see. They occasionally make an appearance when I teach a frame loom class. I put them in the… Continue reading Making Order from chaos.

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Felted Yarn Bowls

  Today I have released my latest class Felted Yarn Bowls. This class is perfect for a beginner who has never tried felting before. You will need old towels hot water and access to water. soap and detergent large bowl bottle with a sprinkle top - Powerade bottles work well resist material. 70 grams of… Continue reading Felted Yarn Bowls

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Learn to use Ravelry – Pop up Zoom Class 2pm Tuesday 24/3/20

I'm testing a, new to me, way to share and teach. I'm using to share my screen with you while I explain and show the way I use Ravelry to search for patterns. Join me at 2pm Adelaide Time today 24th of March. To join in the fun, first you will need to visit… Continue reading Learn to use Ravelry – Pop up Zoom Class 2pm Tuesday 24/3/20