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Why Batch?

Noah’s Promise When working on repeating blocks. I like to complete the first one. Then I batch the rest. Batching blocks I find batching to be a faster way to work. Eliminating the need to search out the next colour. And in more complicated blocks, I find it’s easier to keep the pattern in my… Continue reading Why Batch?

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Impractical and romantic

Baby booties ... sigh 🥰 As many mothers know, it’s almost impossible to keep baby booties on baby feet. Still after seven babies, it’s a gift I like to knit and give. And one I loved to receive, for the romance and promise of those tiny toes to come. Even though I know the baby… Continue reading Impractical and romantic

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Indigo dyeing

Rubber bands and rocks. Knit Spin Weave annual Christmas Party had a twist this year. I added an indigo Vat. There may have been a few cocktails had.. It was a lovely creative afternoon. I love that our little group is so diverse in age. Pauline regaled us with stories of her evacuation from London… Continue reading Indigo dyeing

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Just finish something !

So many projects almost finished. Shell be right I’m so frustrated with myself. I have all these patterns almost ready to publish and for some reason just can’t bring myself to do the last 5% of the job! Noah’s promise What to do? I’ve tried taking myself away in Betsy just to work on them.… Continue reading Just finish something !


Saturday Studio Day

Studio Day Saturday is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. From 1:30pm each Saturday it’s Open Studio! This week I made my Saturday Studio day a spinning one. Three of us took to our wheels. I tweaked Chris’s wheel to make it easier to spin. Rosemary had a lesson on fibre preparation, with… Continue reading Saturday Studio Day