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Testing…testing … 1 2 3

Sock knitting online class I’m so excited. This week is the final week of the learn to knit socks online class. The testers are AMAZING! Thank you to all of them. They’ve worked hard and helped me learn how to teach in this new format. They’ve picked up things that don’t work so well and… Continue reading Testing…testing … 1 2 3

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Crochet Dishcloths

I love crochet dishcloths. So fast to make, practical, economical, make great gifts, environmentally friendly. I get a grin when I use them washing my dishes. They dry quickly. Throw them in the washing machine and use them over and over again. Fast and fun Dishcloths are great for trying out new stitches. Perfect beginners… Continue reading Crochet Dishcloths

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Finding colour inspiration

Weaving inspiration My favorite loom, of the multiple I own, is my Ashford Sampleit. The 25 cm fits nicely in a bag and is easy to transport and easy to weave on without a stand. I’m always on the go and don’t find a lot of time to sit at a loom that can’t be… Continue reading Finding colour inspiration

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Colour Confidence for yarn crafters.

Water Lily I took this photo at the Adelaide Botanical gardens, on a trip I took with Heather. I often take photos of colour combinations that catch my eye. Paying attention to what catches the eye can inspire you to create in colour ways that may not be in your default range. When I teach… Continue reading Colour Confidence for yarn crafters.

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Noah’s Promise

Here in South Australia we are about to start a seven day lock down., after an outbreak of the Delta strain of COVID-19. At least I can use the time to work on my patterns and classes. The pattern for Noah’s Promise is slowly coming together. I’ve recorded about half the class now. Today I… Continue reading Noah’s Promise