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Embracing imperfection

The act of knitting is often seen as an exercise in perfectionism. Every stitch must be even, the tension must be perfect, and the finished product must be flawless. But what if we embraced imperfection instead? The beginners mind. Mental health is a journey, and it is not always linear. There are ups and downs,… Continue reading Embracing imperfection

Dyeing, vlog or vod?

September Vlog or is that Vod?

Make a basket tutorial on vodcast Today was quiet in the shop. I took advantage to get some dyeing done and make a vodcast! https://youtu.be/cJP2e_CU1Gk Dye silk with Ashford dye and crochet a basket Rather pleased with my productivity today. Ooh my blanket pattern in Yarn Magazine ❤️ You can purchase Yarn magazine at newsagents… Continue reading September Vlog or is that Vod?


Botanical Contact Dyeing

Gum leaves and tree lichen on Silk Today I got brave and dyed some silk scarves with a technique called botanical dyeing. Last time I used calico, much cheaper if it fails! I soaked the silk in a mix of water and soy milk. While soaking I went for a wander around Clare and gathered… Continue reading Botanical Contact Dyeing