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Why Batch?

Noah’s Promise When working on repeating blocks. I like to complete the first one. Then I batch the rest. Batching blocks I find batching to be a faster way to work. Eliminating the need to search out the next colour. And in more complicated blocks, I find it’s easier to keep the pattern in my… Continue reading Why Batch?

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South Australia Leads The Way

Here in South Australia, single use plastic cutlery and straws have been banned. Many cafes now use wood cutlery and paper straws, which are used once and discarded. A zero waste solution is to carry your own metal cutlery and straws.

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Saturday Afternoon Open Studio

Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks I had only one taker for Saturday Open Studio this week. Deb and I spent a lovely afternoon chatting, crafting and finishing off the treats Jenny left Thursday night. (Thanks Jenny!) We kept our handles pretty simply. The process is easy and has all the joy of childhood and playing with… Continue reading Saturday Afternoon Open Studio

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Crochet Cap

Thank you to the wonderful testers Carole, Rachael and Margaret. I very much appreciate the time you took to help me.   Yarn: 8ply 200gms Yarn A -dark Yarn B - light Gauge: Special stitches: Fptr - front post treble Standing treble Spike stitch **BLO - back loop only. I work this into the back… Continue reading Crochet Cap

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Urchin Stitch Dishcloth and Washcloth (Crochet)

Urchin Stitch Dishcloth. I do love a good old stitch dictionary. The stitch for this dishcloth/washcloth comes from my rather tattered and well worn Tricot Encyclopaedia Of  Knitting and Crochet stitches. To mirror the last row on these cloths. I rejoin yarn to the starting chain and work a row of the pattern. Not really… Continue reading Urchin Stitch Dishcloth and Washcloth (Crochet)