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Crochet Cap

Thank you to the wonderful testers Carole, Rachael and Margaret. I very much appreciate the time you took to help me.   Yarn: 8ply 200gms Yarn A -dark Yarn B - light Gauge: Special stitches: Fptr - front post treble Standing treble Spike stitch **BLO - back loop only. I work this into the back… Continue reading Crochet Cap

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Urchin Stitch Dishcloth and Washcloth (Crochet)

Urchin Stitch Dishcloth. I do love a good old stitch dictionary. The stitch for this dishcloth/washcloth comes from my rather tattered and well worn Tricot Encyclopaedia Of  Knitting and Crochet stitches. To mirror the last row on these cloths. I rejoin yarn to the starting chain and work a row of the pattern. Not really… Continue reading Urchin Stitch Dishcloth and Washcloth (Crochet)