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Oh, The Memories …

A family day at Wirrabara Forest I love this photo. It brings back happy memories of a lovely trip to the forest. Heather had just skimmed a stone. So many happy moments sitting on my phone. Time to get them off the phone and into an album we can all flick through and reminisce the… Continue reading Oh, The Memories …

creative memories, Playing with Paper, scrapbooking

Notebook and cover

Notebook and cover I have an obsession with journals and planners. I’m not great at keeping them but I’m an expert at buying them! My obsession with paper, stationary and supplies costs me a small fortune. As a consequence I’m now signed up as a Creative Memories advisor, with my very own webstore! In the… Continue reading Notebook and cover

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Composition in layouts

- Part One - Creating effective layouts Mmm decisions… As in taking photos or in making art the ‘trick’ to a layout that pleases the eye is effective composition. So what is composition? Composition describes the arrangement of elements. The way we use photos, items, colours, line, shape, value, texture, form, and space to organise… Continue reading Composition in layouts