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Watching the world go by.

The Mighty Murray I find it hard to do nothing. As a mum of seven, business owner and wife, life can be hectic. The ‘mental load’ of doing all I do is a constant. My mind is always in a spin. Planning the shop, worrying about the turnover, worrying about the kids, over thinking how… Continue reading Watching the world go by.

Adventures Of Betsy, mental health, reflections, selfcare, wellness

Places you can knit

I’m working. Sitting on top of a sand dune. The wind cool upon my skin. The rhythmic sound of the waves. The sound of the wind in the grass. Watching the birds surf the wind. Matching my breath to the waves. The sun on my back pleasantly warm as the coolness of the wind brushes… Continue reading Places you can knit

Adventures Of Betsy, mental health, reflections, selfcare, wellness

Living the life you want

The Gap - The Yorke Peninsula Remember this post? I wrote that back in early October. Time for an accountability update. Wow! I’m doing it. I’ve made changes slowly over the last few months. I drink 1.5 - 2 lts of water a day. I have breakfast everyday and because of that habit I’m… Continue reading Living the life you want

Adventures Of Betsy, mental health, wellness

Fill the spirit

Ahh The Flinders Rangers… big skies, wide open spaces and following the winding roads.Country music 🎶 wafting out the speakers.What will the next bend in the road reveal.This land can never be tamed.The ruins of the buildings of those who’ve tried testify to the strength of this land.Driving past emu dads with their chicks close… Continue reading Fill the spirit

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She sells seashells by the sea shore.

I choose happy. It’s not easy to do at times. Life can throw challenges, that can test the best of us. Eyre peninsula Perlubie Beach The choice of happiness takes self discipline and practice. Learning to make better choices in how I react to events isn’t easy. It requires breaking a lifetime of ingrained patterns… Continue reading She sells seashells by the sea shore.