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Thursday Nights in the Studio

Our little knit Night crew has shrunk since the COVID lockdown. Less are coming, which although sad, has allowed the remaining members to try new things. Smaller groups are easier to set up for. With limited working space at the dye/felting tables the smaller numbers ensure no one missed out. Last night we tried botanical… Continue reading Thursday Nights in the Studio

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If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.

I’ve taken up a new hobby. Peter and I did DNA tests during the first lockdown. More to see if the family rumour on Peter’s side was true. The story being one of his great grandmothers was Chinese and had come to Australia during the early gold rushes. Sure enough Peter’s DNA ethnicity came back… Continue reading If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.


The intermittent weaver

It has been a long time since I pulled Katie out of her bag. Oops... where’s the lift plan?? When I did I found I had her warped and I had started weaving a pattern. But to my horror no draft to be found! I searched for about an hour to no success. My… Continue reading The intermittent weaver

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Getting creative.

witches Hats I had a fabulous weekend. I spend Saturday and Sunday in the studio with friends and Monday I was out at Bundaleer, forest bathing! Maple Walk Open Studio Saturday afternoon was open studio. I've been planning on making myself a witches hat for a long while. The physical effort felting requires is a… Continue reading Getting creative.