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Mind, body and spirit.

Indigo dyeing Taking time out to nourish myself today. A massage and acupuncture at The Beautique in Clare. Josie and Michael have made a huge difference to my wellness. It astounds me how connected our mental and physical health is. Since March I’ve been struggling to stay mentally healthy. As a result of all the… Continue reading Mind, body and spirit.

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Indigo dyeing

Rubber bands and rocks. Knit Spin Weave annual Christmas Party had a twist this year. I added an indigo Vat. There may have been a few cocktails had.. It was a lovely creative afternoon. I love that our little group is so diverse in age. Pauline regaled us with stories of her evacuation from London… Continue reading Indigo dyeing

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So who do I think I am?

Lady Joan of Wales The genealogy bug has bitten. I’ve basically replaced scrolling Facebook for hours to scrolling Ancestry. Sometimes with frustrating slowness. Every now and again, I hit a hint and following it, results in a trail of hints. Like a carpet unrolling back through the generations. I’m fortunate in that my ancestors have… Continue reading So who do I think I am?


Top ten lessons of 2020

Small business is hard. (Yep, I think that one is in every years list) You can’t pay a lease with yarn. (Or eat it) The goodness in people shines in a crisis. ( More are good than not) Boundaries are important. (Still learning this one) Customers are not friends. ( and this is perfectly ok)… Continue reading Top ten lessons of 2020

Education, mental health, reflections

Just finish something !

So many projects almost finished. Shell be right I’m so frustrated with myself. I have all these patterns almost ready to publish and for some reason just can’t bring myself to do the last 5% of the job! Noah’s promise What to do? I’ve tried taking myself away in Betsy just to work on them.… Continue reading Just finish something !